In future we intend to occupy the minds of the customers by being the most preferred Doors & Windows manufacturer for uPVC & Aluminum by offerings quality Products.



Guided by our visions and values, we want to deliver top of the line & high end quality products along with tailored solutions through continuous innovations in the domain of UPVC & Aluminum technology for sustained profitability.



At Pranav Doors & Windows, our philosophy is to constantly, continually improve, innovate, to keep a positive impact on our valued customers by providing superior, efficient products and services, which meets the ever-changing needs for our current & prospective clients. We strive for the highest professional excellence in the delivery of our products & services.

Our Values

Pranav Doors & Windows finds its foundations in values towards which all employees have to aim and recognize. The slogan of Pranav Doors & Windows articulates around Four big values


Our strength of innovation is not only at the heart of our concerns but also of those of every user that expect   safety, performance and intelligence from an automatic door.


Of the customers throughout the following points:

  •   Quality of products & Quality of Service
  •   Delivery on time
  •   Respect for the commitments
  •   Prompt Service


The Quality is not an additional asset of the company but a fundamental Value to ensure its sustainability. The   strength of   Pranav Doors & Windows lies in its employees and the state of mind in which they work every day to   ensure the required quality level, in products as in services


We are committed to provide the best products and services to our Customers. Our team of experts and highly   qualified staff ensures Maximum client satisfaction. Our goal is to complete every single Installation successfully, as   well as to ensure that our customers Have an enjoyable buying experience. The supervision of our well Experienced   team is being done under perfect conditions to ensure Customer betterment as the priority.


Being a market leader in the façade systems market means you must have the resources and facilities to deliver. Our facilities are full of the latest machining technology all operated and managed by experienced staff.
Our shop floor layout is purposely designed to optimise the movement of material. Our specialist software allows every job to be tracked through the manufacturing process which enables the team to accurately forecast lead times and factory work load.


We are always looking for energetic individuals with a drive to succeed.

Please email your CV to [email protected]