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Pranav Doors and windows – system solutions for windows, doors and façades

We are one of leading producer of high-quality aluminium system solutions for windows, doors and façades. Our products are used in buildings all over the world and meet the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort and security whilst simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions through energy efficiency. we envelopes that focus on people and their needs in harmony with nature and technology.

Our Corporate Values

Extraordinary CRAFTSMANSHIP and responsibility defines the success of Pranav Doors. We stands for continuous innovation and at the same time we stand in soliditary with competent partner for architectural marvels. Forming a core relationship world wide is what we strive for. We have achieved the excellence under the umbrella of a strong brand through serving quality products which is clearly visible in our award-winning designs.

What features should you look for in windows, doors and façades?

Home! It’s where you are at ease, a calm environment that you are most relaxed in. To experience unmatched serenity, do it with Schueco’s new-generation sound reduction windows and doors. This is made available with a wide range of intelligent frame and glass combinations just for you.

The Panorama sliding door systems offer an open and wide view of an extensive area. Schueco has designed to accommodate the widest spans with the slimmest central interlock and completely concealed outer frames with the views beyond them. Every panoramic door includes hard-wearing integral rollers concealed within the profile of each shutter. This allows the shutters to run easily despite being very large.

Feeling secure is about the certainty that you are protected. Be it from the weather or burglars, Schueco systems ensure security
in a concealed yet highly effective way. Schueco aluminium windows with the internal ‘AvanTec SimplySmart’ fitting provides a high level of basic protection that can be increased to resistance class 3 (RC3) with the help of additional locking points.

What materials can you use to stop heavy impact on your energy consumption and costs? Aluminium can be recycled while wood can only be effectively carbon-neutral if not treated. Wood insulates well but needs regular maintenance while aluminium is maintenance free and when supplied with the correct level of insulation, can deliver impressive thermal performance.

Aluminium fire protection doors and screens don‘t depend solely on hinges, locks and closers but also on the glazing element. The interface between the framing and the wall is an important aspect which is often ignored. Schueco offers new-generation fire and smoke protection systems, simply well-conceived with extremely narrow face widths. Schueco fire protection products are independently tested and assessed to ensure their functionality, safety and security.


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