Shift and Slide System – Legend Slide

Legend Slide combines simple operation of Lift and Slide system and the exceptional sealing capability of Tilt and Slide. It offers Ease of Use, Aesthetic Design, Flawless Insulation and High Performance. It offers Outer Frame of 149mm, 76mm Sash with 5
chambers in Class B, TPE Weldable Gaskets and Glass thickness options from 24mm up to 52mm. Sash movement occurs with guide
locking parts & running car-sets on different axis. The continuous all-round seal and the guiding and locking elements in all four corners of the sash ensure a tight seal for stringent energy efficiency requirements. The system is tested for Air Permeability
– EN 12207 – Class 4 – 600 pascals, Water tightness – EN 12208 – Class 8A – 450 pascals. Wind Resistance as per EN 12210 – Class C4/ B4, Additional stiffeners possible for higher wind loads


Maximum shutter size using Parnavdoor Hardware
– 2.5 X 2.7m
– Rollers available for Shutter weight 150 kgs. And 250 kgs.